16:16 22/03/2023

Reliable platforms for safe advertising announced

Nam Anh -

Platforms consist of certified e-newspapers, websites, and social networks.

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) has published a list of reliable platforms in cyberspace for advertising purposes in Vietnam.

Consisting of certified e-newspapers, e-magazines, information websites, and social networks, the list is aimed at meeting demand for safe and effective advertising by enterprises.

On the list are the Vietnam Joint Stock Company, with information websites such as mp3.zing.vn and www.tv.zing.vn, the Military-owned telecommunications group Viettel, and the VOV traffic channel.

MoIC held a conference last December to introduce feasible solutions to ensure a healthy and sustainable cyberspace.

A large number of advertisements in Vietnam are now attached with harmful content in order to attract more views, according to Director of the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information Le Quang Tu Do.

The ministry has adopted many measures to handle violations in cross-border advertising activities, such as increasing inspections and supervision over online advertising and preparing a black list of violating platforms. Violations, however, remain common.