16:10 21/03/2023

Vietnam jumps 6 places in fixed broadband speed

Nhĩ Anh -

Country ranked 39th in the world in February.

Vietnam jumped six places to rank 39th in fixed broadband speed in February in the Speedtest Global Index, according to Ookla, the owner and operator of Speedtest.net.

The internet speed in Vietnam has steadily improved, it noted.

Though five undersea cables connecting the country to the world broke last month, the fixed broadband download speed in February still reached 91.6Mbps, the highest to date and up nearly 9 per cent against January. The upload speed hit 93.38Mbps.

Right after the cable breakdowns, management agencies directed service providers to take immediate measures to meet the internet connection needs of users.

Regarding mobile speeds, the country is ranked 52nd in the world.

Vietnam has seen significant growth in mobile broadband subscriptions, mobile broadband affordability, and internet participation.